Security Measures for your Home

Home security has become a rising concern as the rates of burglaries and crimes have gone up recently. Your home is the sanctuary where you come back to relax, de-stress, unwind, and spend quality time with your loved ones. Securing your home, family, and belongings should be a priority. Home security systems help keep your home and family safe from criminals and burglars and help prevent unwanted break-ins.

Financially protection of your home is as necessary as physical protection. A good homeowners insurance will help you recover the monetary aspects of your belongings but will not help prevent a burglary. Either way, it is best to be protected and insured against all crime.

Invest in a home security system that can protect your home during the times you are away. A fast-response system that has been tried and tested for break-ins is a good investment for the future. Most systems today are connected to the internet and can be extremely useful in notifying the police. Let us look at some security devices you should invest in to keep your home safe.

CCTV cameras

Closed Circuit Television Cameras are the best ways to keep thieves and burglars out. The most significant deterrent to entering a home is being caught on camera while the crime is being committed, notes With the advent of technology and advancements, facial and postural recognition software has made it possible to capture criminals easily. CCTV recordings and footage are admissible in court and as evidence to put criminals behind bars. Even CCTV cameras in your back garden to deter stealing of things like your garden shredder can make a big difference.

Use CCTV in and around your house to secure and highlight areas that are difficult to observe in your regular life. Places like the roof, the garden shed, dimly lit areas of the backyard, blind spots around the corners of your house, the space behind garden sheds or near the property line, can be covered with the help of CCTV cameras.

Garage Doors

Most burglaries are most natural when the garage doors are left unsecured. It is not only your home but also your garage that needs securing. Garages always have doors that lead to the house and can be broken down with minimum effort. This vulnerability is exploited very quickly by entering the house through the garage door. Available in many price points, secure garage doors can add additional layers of protection to your home.

High-end garage doors come installed with wifi systems that are connected to your house wifi and can be remotely controlled by an app on your smartphone or tablet. You can also opt for notifications every time the garage door is opened or shut. This will help you monitor your garage carefully, especially when on vacation. If you wish to avoid a high-tech installation, you can reinforce the garage door with an upgraded locking mechanism that is wired to the security system of the house. We recommend checking out for their great range of garage doors.

Garden Walls

Burglars do not walk up the main driveway. They tend to climb over garden walls to remain unseen. Install a garden spy camera to monitor the activity in your garden. These cams are usually camouflaged to look like plants and pots and should be connected to your home security system. Plant thorny rose bushes around the walls of the garden to hurt the thieves or burglars if they climb over and jump. Apart from roses, you can plant hawthorn, blackthorn, berberis, holly, gorse, and pyracantha.

Add trellis’ to the tops of fences to make them harder to climb. These trellis’ are incredibly flimsy and will crash if someone tries to climb them, thereby creating a loud noise and alerting you, the garden spy camera, and the neighbors. Keep the garden hedges and fencing low so that intruders are easily visible and identifiable by the spy cam.

Security Systems and Safety Windows

Invest in a good security system to constantly monitor the house against criminals and protect your valuables. With advanced security systems, you can also control your lighting, turn off electricity, save energy, monitor carbon dioxide levels, remotely survey your house, and save on insurance.

Keep your doors and windows locked. Windows should be of secured tempered glass with laminate double glaze to protect it from smashing. Also known as safety glass, this double laminate window glass makes a loud noise when beaten repeatedly and is more robust than regular glass. Add safety latches that are wirelessly connected to your home security system to report any tampering and breakage. These latches can also emit signals that are relayed to your smart device or handheld for quick surveillance. Oli from The Fab Lab agreed “security systems even when not working can deter thieves just by their presence, definitely worth the investment.”

Melissa W. Ramos

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