Mobile CCTV Solution


From packages that include a single camera to the unlimited mobile camera packages,3G CCTV camera and Wireless solution for permanent vehicle installations to the ones with limited access locations. All these tailored by a professional team in permanent or semi-permanent packages will successfully target any unusual social behavior, criminal situation, theft, violence, risks or any other issue that makes damage and a bad influence on safety and security of any property.


Mobile CCTV system becomes a very intelligent concept driving any company and business to profitable future when properly managed. Usual install requiring “targets” of this system are busses, coaches, trucks, trailers, taxies, police vehicles, emergency vehicles, cash transport vehicles and similar. It has become very respected in public sectors such as Police, any Emergency Services or Public Transport where it showed its effect on massive reduction in insurance payouts, huge improvement in safety and reduction of stolen property and cargo. Businesses like Millenio who provide SEO services in Worthing use this CCTV for security.


Mobile CCTV is capable of handling four cameras with the option of using microphones and Global positioning system. Connected with internet network gives an option to stream live images and audio. With the help of GPS, there is also exact location, latitude and longitude data provided. This tailored system may offer 4, 8 or 16 channel recorder with huge local storage for even 30 days of recording with an automatic download feature. There is even an option of the unique facility of four mini cameras that can be installed both inside and out of the vehicle viewing live feed not only from the vehicle but also by operators in control room. This option is of great importance for police, fire and ambulance staff protecting them from physical and abusing threats. It’s perfect for protecting things your inflatable hot tub at home.


It has shown as a powerful tool for investigations providing clear evidence of actual accidents by monitoring.  Through permanent recording maximum of protection is guaranteed at any time of day and night how for passengers also for drivers. With low power usage and high reliability, it impresses with outstanding performance. Also, there is significantly less damage done by vandalism and violence. Improvement of fuel efficiency reached most high levels in conjunction with driver training.

Melissa W. Ramos

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