How to ‘Burglar-Proof’ your Windows

Most people believe in securing their homes against intruders, criminals, and burglars. The basics are usually taken care of – CCTV cameras, motion sensor lights, security doors at the entrance, security systems, and so on. However, most people tend to forget one critical aspect of home security – windows! Most thieves prefer smashing windows without tampering or messing with the security systems of the house. Breaking through smashed windows is the easiest way for burglars to gain entry into your home.

People spend a lot of money on smart technology that protects their home and fortifies their doors and entrances. Intelligent homes do offer some security against windows, but most of the times, these fancy tech gadgets are not very effective against a harsh blow with a heavy object. Windows may turn out to be the weakest and most vulnerable entry points to your house. Most burglars await such opportunities to gain easy entry to your homes.

Let us look at a few ways that you can burglar-proof your home to remain safe.

Install grilles

Grilles and window bars might not seem like the most attractive option while considering home décor, but they serve a dual purpose. They keep the children and pets inside while keeping intruders out. Additionally, it is challenging for thieves to squeeze through the bars of the grilles unless they are bird or rabbit-sized. Even if burglars do manage to break your window glass, they will find it extremely difficult to enter your house.

Many companies offer hard metal grilles that are difficult to bend or tamper. Select grille panes that have small spaces instead of large spaces between them. Significant gaps still allow for weapons or hands to enter and open doors and latches. To increase the decorative and aesthetic value of your windows, you could opt for grilles that have floral patterns or designs on them.

Reinforced glass

Reinforced glass is one of the best alternatives in the market today. Reinforced glass can be tempered glass or laminated glass. Tempered glass is reliable, more durable than regular glass, and is tough to break or smash open. Laminated glass has a sheet of vinyl between two glass panes and is extremely difficult to break. It is only possible to break it if the intruder continuously smashes the glass at the same point. However, this creates a thunderous noise and tends to attract a lot of attention. A considerably thick pane of polycarbonate sheet would also work well as cheaper option to reinforced glass.

It is a well-known fact that thieves hate bringing attention to themselves through either light or sound. The reinforced glass should be a good enough burglar deterrent.

Window alarms

Once you have installed reinforced glass to your windows with secure latches and deadlocks, it is time to consider window alarms. Most people have active door alarms but no window alarms. Most window alarms today will be able to detect when a window has been opened or broken. These alarms will then sound an alarm throughout the house to warn your family members and ensure that the burglar is shooed away.

There are also high-tech window alarms available that are motion sensitive and can send alerts before windows are broken or smashed. You can also wire your window alarms to sync with the security alarm system of your house to make it easier to manage and monitor all activity.

Window Locks

Most windows come with locks that are pre-installed. Remove these locks and install newer locks with deadbolts to make your windows impenetrable. Ensure that your window lock is visible from outside so that it acts as a deterrent to burglars wishing to smash or jimmy your window open. Window pin locks are easy to install, cost-effective, and are easily visible from the outside. They are also difficult to open or smash.

Install sash locks that suitably fasten window sashes and prevent unauthorized entry through unsecured windows. Sash locks can be fitted to the casement, single hung, or double hung windows for better safety and security. It’s best to talk to a locksmith  to check your window locks are safe.

Install motion sensitive lights

Once you have installed reinforced glass, upgraded the locking mechanism, connected the windows to an alarm system, and installed grilles, you could opt for motion sensitive lights. Install solar powered lights that come on when movement is detected near the windows. Most homeowners cover the entrance, doorways, patios, gardens, roof, toolshed, and backyard with motion sensitive lights, but forget about windows. Installing these lights will help successfully deter burglars from coming near your windows since they are now practically impenetrable and cannot be breached.


Melissa W. Ramos

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