Best Fire Smoke Detection Solution


Statistics show unbelievable numbers when talking about fire starts anywhere in the world. According to this, it makes sense to talk about preventing and solving this kind of accidents. One of the hugely developed industries taking care of this kind of issues is smoke alarm industry. Client and his loved ones will be alerted on time to successfully escape to safety by installing a properly working smoke detector in his home or property.


Depending on where you live certain countries require by law to have a working smoke detector installed in your home. This is becoming increasingly everywhere and somewhere is even required to have a specified type of alarm. Smoke alarms are one of the least expensive ways to prevent us from bigger property damages and save us from life danger. There are two types of smoke alarms which by the studies work equally effectively:

Ionization alarms –this one detects sooner invisible fire particles than the photoelectric alarms, they use an ionization chamber and a source of ionizing radiation to do their function. This one is more common also because it is inexpensive.

Photoelectric alarms – it senses the lack of light and triggers the sound. Inside the detector, there is a light and sensor positioned at 90 degrees angles. SO when smoke enters the space where is detector situated, smoke particles scatter the light and some amount of light hits the sensor it sets off the horn. Some may detect fire particles sooner the ionization ones. It is recommended for optimal protection to install both types. It will maximize the chances of safety and opportunity to escape and minimize the property damage.


Also by following some simple tips, you will make your property much safer. By installing smoke alarms on every floor of your home and bedrooms, keeping regular maintenance of detectors and replacing it every 10 years, monitoring batteries regularly, gently vacuuming some possible dirt that is blocking the sensor and practicing plan of fire escape with family will do a great benefit for security and safety of all family members. Katie from Civilized Health agreed “smoke alarms are often overlooked as unimportant, but when a fire goes off in your house and you’re not in the room or you’re asleep it can be the difference between saving your family.’


Melissa W. Ramos

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