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How to ‘Burglar-Proof’ your Windows

Most people believe in securing their homes against intruders, criminals, and burglars. The basics are usually taken care of – CCTV cameras, motion sensor lights, security doors at the entrance, security systems, and so on. However, most people tend to forget one critical aspect of home security – windows! Most thieves prefer smashing windows without tampering or messing with the security systems of the house. Breaking through smashed windows is the easiest way for burglars to gain entry into your home.

People spend a lot of money on smart technology that protects their home and fortifies their doors and entrances. Intelligent homes do offer some security against windows, but most of the times, these fancy tech gadgets are not very effective against a harsh blow with a heavy object. Windows may turn out to be the weakest and most vulnerable entry points to your house. Most burglars await such opportunities to gain easy entry to your homes.

Let us look at a few ways that you can burglar-proof your home to remain safe.

Install grilles

Grilles and window bars might not seem like the most attractive option while considering home décor, but they serve a dual purpose. They keep the children and pets inside while keeping intruders out. Additionally, it is challenging for thieves to squeeze through the bars of the grilles unless they are bird or rabbit-sized. Even if burglars do manage to break your window glass, they will find it extremely difficult to enter your house.

Many companies offer hard metal grilles that are difficult to bend or tamper. Select grille panes that have small spaces instead of large spaces between them. Significant gaps still allow for weapons or hands to enter and open doors and latches. To increase the decorative and aesthetic value of your windows, you could opt for grilles that have floral patterns or designs on them.

Reinforced glass

Reinforced glass is one of the best alternatives in the market today. Reinforced glass can be tempered glass or laminated glass. Tempered glass is reliable, more durable than regular glass, and is tough to break or smash open. Laminated glass has a sheet of vinyl between two glass panes and is extremely difficult to break. It is only possible to break it if the intruder continuously smashes the glass at the same point. However, this creates a thunderous noise and tends to attract a lot of attention. A considerably thick pane of polycarbonate sheet would also work well as cheaper option to reinforced glass.

It is a well-known fact that thieves hate bringing attention to themselves through either light or sound. The reinforced glass should be a good enough burglar deterrent.

Window alarms

Once you have installed reinforced glass to your windows with secure latches and deadlocks, it is time to consider window alarms. Most people have active door alarms but no window alarms. Most window alarms today will be able to detect when a window has been opened or broken. These alarms will then sound an alarm throughout the house to warn your family members and ensure that the burglar is shooed away.

There are also high-tech window alarms available that are motion sensitive and can send alerts before windows are broken or smashed. You can also wire your window alarms to sync with the security alarm system of your house to make it easier to manage and monitor all activity.

Window Locks

Most windows come with locks that are pre-installed. Remove these locks and install newer locks with deadbolts to make your windows impenetrable. Ensure that your window lock is visible from outside so that it acts as a deterrent to burglars wishing to smash or jimmy your window open. Window pin locks are easy to install, cost-effective, and are easily visible from the outside. They are also difficult to open or smash.

Install sash locks that suitably fasten window sashes and prevent unauthorized entry through unsecured windows. Sash locks can be fitted to the casement, single hung, or double hung windows for better safety and security. It’s best to talk to a locksmith  to check your window locks are safe.

Install motion sensitive lights

Once you have installed reinforced glass, upgraded the locking mechanism, connected the windows to an alarm system, and installed grilles, you could opt for motion sensitive lights. Install solar powered lights that come on when movement is detected near the windows. Most homeowners cover the entrance, doorways, patios, gardens, roof, toolshed, and backyard with motion sensitive lights, but forget about windows. Installing these lights will help successfully deter burglars from coming near your windows since they are now practically impenetrable and cannot be breached.


Security Measures for your Home

Home security has become a rising concern as the rates of burglaries and crimes have gone up recently. Your home is the sanctuary where you come back to relax, de-stress, unwind, and spend quality time with your loved ones. Securing your home, family, and belongings should be a priority. Home security systems help keep your home and family safe from criminals and burglars and help prevent unwanted break-ins.

Financially protection of your home is as necessary as physical protection. A good homeowners insurance will help you recover the monetary aspects of your belongings but will not help prevent a burglary. Either way, it is best to be protected and insured against all crime.

Invest in a home security system that can protect your home during the times you are away. A fast-response system that has been tried and tested for break-ins is a good investment for the future. Most systems today are connected to the internet and can be extremely useful in notifying the police. Let us look at some security devices you should invest in to keep your home safe.

CCTV cameras

Closed Circuit Television Cameras are the best ways to keep thieves and burglars out. The most significant deterrent to entering a home is being caught on camera while the crime is being committed, notes With the advent of technology and advancements, facial and postural recognition software has made it possible to capture criminals easily. CCTV recordings and footage are admissible in court and as evidence to put criminals behind bars. Even CCTV cameras in your back garden to deter stealing of things like your garden shredder can make a big difference.

Use CCTV in and around your house to secure and highlight areas that are difficult to observe in your regular life. Places like the roof, the garden shed, dimly lit areas of the backyard, blind spots around the corners of your house, the space behind garden sheds or near the property line, can be covered with the help of CCTV cameras.

Garage Doors

Most burglaries are most natural when the garage doors are left unsecured. It is not only your home but also your garage that needs securing. Garages always have doors that lead to the house and can be broken down with minimum effort. This vulnerability is exploited very quickly by entering the house through the garage door. Available in many price points, secure garage doors can add additional layers of protection to your home.

High-end garage doors come installed with wifi systems that are connected to your house wifi and can be remotely controlled by an app on your smartphone or tablet. You can also opt for notifications every time the garage door is opened or shut. This will help you monitor your garage carefully, especially when on vacation. If you wish to avoid a high-tech installation, you can reinforce the garage door with an upgraded locking mechanism that is wired to the security system of the house. We recommend checking out for their great range of garage doors.

Garden Walls

Burglars do not walk up the main driveway. They tend to climb over garden walls to remain unseen. Install a garden spy camera to monitor the activity in your garden. These cams are usually camouflaged to look like plants and pots and should be connected to your home security system. Plant thorny rose bushes around the walls of the garden to hurt the thieves or burglars if they climb over and jump. Apart from roses, you can plant hawthorn, blackthorn, berberis, holly, gorse, and pyracantha.

Add trellis’ to the tops of fences to make them harder to climb. These trellis’ are incredibly flimsy and will crash if someone tries to climb them, thereby creating a loud noise and alerting you, the garden spy camera, and the neighbors. Keep the garden hedges and fencing low so that intruders are easily visible and identifiable by the spy cam.

Security Systems and Safety Windows

Invest in a good security system to constantly monitor the house against criminals and protect your valuables. With advanced security systems, you can also control your lighting, turn off electricity, save energy, monitor carbon dioxide levels, remotely survey your house, and save on insurance.

Keep your doors and windows locked. Windows should be of secured tempered glass with laminate double glaze to protect it from smashing. Also known as safety glass, this double laminate window glass makes a loud noise when beaten repeatedly and is more robust than regular glass. Add safety latches that are wirelessly connected to your home security system to report any tampering and breakage. These latches can also emit signals that are relayed to your smart device or handheld for quick surveillance. Oli from The Fab Lab agreed “security systems even when not working can deter thieves just by their presence, definitely worth the investment.”

Best Analog IpSoultion


Deciding what is best in most cases feels like flipping a coin. 50% of the time you will be right and 50% you’ll be wrong. Making the best decision has to be a result of careful planning and strategic thinking. This applies to video, CCTV, and other network systems as well.


Two major groups of solutions are analog and IP. Both of these have their ups and downs, pros and cons. It is up to you to define your needs and your budget, and then the best solution will present itself. We will tell you a bit more about each of these so you can better understand in which way to think about.


Analog networks consist of analog cameras which work on traditional technology, but with some modern solutions like motion detection. Compression and digitalization take place outside of the camera itself, once the signal is transferred to specialized devices, such as a……..

The best thing about traditional analog systems is that they are easier to install and operate and are also considerably cheaper than IP.


Modern IP systems operate on fully digital cameras powered by Ethernet cables. Digitalization and compression take place inside the camera and then gets sent via cable to a switch and a network device.


These systems are faster and can provide better resolution. Also, they can be adapted to work wirelessly, making them very suitable for large compounds or factories where cable connections are not possible. These options, however, make IP systems quite expensive, when compared to analog solutions.

Our advice

The best solution for your needs will depend on how much money you want to spend, combined with what specific needs you might have. Finding the best quality/ price ratio is tricky, but with the right advice from professionals and a bit of good preparation, you will set up the best surveillance system in no time. We know how security is important to us and this is something you need to pay more attention to. Whatever you do, do not try to save money on your protection. Don’t be a cheapskate when it comes to your safety.

Best Fire Smoke Detection Solution


Statistics show unbelievable numbers when talking about fire starts anywhere in the world. According to this, it makes sense to talk about preventing and solving this kind of accidents. One of the hugely developed industries taking care of this kind of issues is smoke alarm industry. Client and his loved ones will be alerted on time to successfully escape to safety by installing a properly working smoke detector in his home or property.


Depending on where you live certain countries require by law to have a working smoke detector installed in your home. This is becoming increasingly everywhere and somewhere is even required to have a specified type of alarm. Smoke alarms are one of the least expensive ways to prevent us from bigger property damages and save us from life danger. There are two types of smoke alarms which by the studies work equally effectively:

Ionization alarms –this one detects sooner invisible fire particles than the photoelectric alarms, they use an ionization chamber and a source of ionizing radiation to do their function. This one is more common also because it is inexpensive.

Photoelectric alarms – it senses the lack of light and triggers the sound. Inside the detector, there is a light and sensor positioned at 90 degrees angles. SO when smoke enters the space where is detector situated, smoke particles scatter the light and some amount of light hits the sensor it sets off the horn. Some may detect fire particles sooner the ionization ones. It is recommended for optimal protection to install both types. It will maximize the chances of safety and opportunity to escape and minimize the property damage.


Also by following some simple tips, you will make your property much safer. By installing smoke alarms on every floor of your home and bedrooms, keeping regular maintenance of detectors and replacing it every 10 years, monitoring batteries regularly, gently vacuuming some possible dirt that is blocking the sensor and practicing plan of fire escape with family will do a great benefit for security and safety of all family members. Katie from Civilized Health agreed “smoke alarms are often overlooked as unimportant, but when a fire goes off in your house and you’re not in the room or you’re asleep it can be the difference between saving your family.’


Mobile CCTV Solution


From packages that include a single camera to the unlimited mobile camera packages,3G CCTV camera and Wireless solution for permanent vehicle installations to the ones with limited access locations. All these tailored by a professional team in permanent or semi-permanent packages will successfully target any unusual social behavior, criminal situation, theft, violence, risks or any other issue that makes damage and a bad influence on safety and security of any property.


Mobile CCTV system becomes a very intelligent concept driving any company and business to profitable future when properly managed. Usual install requiring “targets” of this system are busses, coaches, trucks, trailers, taxies, police vehicles, emergency vehicles, cash transport vehicles and similar. It has become very respected in public sectors such as Police, any Emergency Services or Public Transport where it showed its effect on massive reduction in insurance payouts, huge improvement in safety and reduction of stolen property and cargo. Businesses like Millenio who provide SEO services in Worthing use this CCTV for security.


Mobile CCTV is capable of handling four cameras with the option of using microphones and Global positioning system. Connected with internet network gives an option to stream live images and audio. With the help of GPS, there is also exact location, latitude and longitude data provided. This tailored system may offer 4, 8 or 16 channel recorder with huge local storage for even 30 days of recording with an automatic download feature. There is even an option of the unique facility of four mini cameras that can be installed both inside and out of the vehicle viewing live feed not only from the vehicle but also by operators in control room. This option is of great importance for police, fire and ambulance staff protecting them from physical and abusing threats. It’s perfect for protecting things your inflatable hot tub at home.


It has shown as a powerful tool for investigations providing clear evidence of actual accidents by monitoring.  Through permanent recording maximum of protection is guaranteed at any time of day and night how for passengers also for drivers. With low power usage and high reliability, it impresses with outstanding performance. Also, there is significantly less damage done by vandalism and violence. Improvement of fuel efficiency reached most high levels in conjunction with driver training.

Providing High-end Solutions, Delivering Great Effectiveness, Reliability And Return On Investment.


DM Network Video is the solution arm of NetVu Ltd. It provides high-end solutions for clients that demand systems that deliver great effectiveness, reliability and return on investment. Its solutions are tailored to the needs of the clients. Consultancy is a key element in the company’s offering, for often complex requirements, so that the aims of the client are fully realized.

DM Network Video offers a wide and complimentary suite of solutions, revolving around video over IP, across many industries.

We may say there has been an explosion of development in the area of sophisticated IP cameras; This may represent a complex issue for the customer, so we guide our clients to the best and simple choices of the smart cameras on the market. These cameras will provide footage directly on your phone no matter where you are located at that moment, by simply joining the Wi-Fi network in our building. Anyone can use DM network video including businesses selling solpadol online.


The most important thing about this service is simplicity and accessibility. It is so easy to install with slick companion apps that it even becomes fun at the end. If the client is the owner of a smartphone using it as interface door for many other features are open.

Solutions are designed to meet clients needs, using a common core technical architecture, NetVu Connected, with NetVu Observer software to ensure seamless operability of their integrated solution as well as scalability.

The Pick-A-Point Icon system brings together CCTV system components into the control room environment, providing a multiple dedicated site video management solution for medium and large-scale deployments. Scalable, intuitive for operators, reliable, simultaneous multiple viewing capabilities, speedy image retrieval and simplicity of operation that reduces infrastructure requirements such as cabling are among its key benefits.


The Archive Management System (AMS) provides a unique method of managing the content produced by large-scale fixed and mobile CCTV solutions. The centrally located database can automatically index all video and associated meta data produced by any of the connected devices. Operators can search and export archived images and video stored on the remote device or footage that has already been archived centrally for use as evidence.

The suite of solutions includes:

  • FireVu provides effective flame and Video Smoke Detection for high value assets in the petrochemicals, transport, manufacturing, recycling, power generation, datacentre and property sectors. The new Multi Detector solution also combines thermopile (temperature sensing) technology with full flame and Video Smoke Detection capabilities.
  • TransVu is the mobile solution for those operating in demanding environments that need the most powerful transit surveillance tools available, providing uninterrupted in-vehicle security surveillance for both public and commercial transport applications.
  • It’s also great for example Neil a wedding photographer for taking perfect photos on special days.
  • AD Aerospace offers specialised detection solutions to tackle the range of security dangers faced by commercial and passenger aircraft. Secure access control surveillance applications can be used alongside monitoring in the cockpit (CabinVu), passenger cabin (FlightVu Witness), external control services and cargo hold (CargoVu) and SmokeVu, a Video Smoke Detection (VSD) analysis system, based on the tried and tested FireVu technology.
  • RemGuard Visual Management provides a premium CCTV remote monitoring security service detecting unauthorised and criminal activity at the earliest opportunity.
  • Virtual NVR distributed intelligent IP video solution delivers a seamlessly managed solution to tackle theft and fraud using completely secure IP video, which protects IP video systems from malicious threats. It is ideal for combating internal fraud in sectors such as retail.
  • NetVu Ltd encompasses Dedicated Micros, a renowned international pioneer and market leader in developing and manufacturing specialist CCTV control and monitoring equipment. Its equipment, such as SmartVu cameras and DVRs, can be utilized for DM Network Video solutions.

It is very important to provide reliable, easy to use and at the same time powerful enough service based on experienced and high knowledge experience. By offering the widest range of choices in the world of surveillance and camera industry, we will make sure our clients get best in class business solution.

Improving The Safety And Security Of Aircraft, Crew, And Passengers.


Throughout the history of the airline industry level of attacks and incidents has only become higher and still growing. Starting from issues of smuggling narcotics, immigration issues to terrorism it led to a great need of developing a wide range of high-quality security services to help protect and stop these issues.

By providing unique and world-class solutions and programs we may help our clients solve almost any aircraft security requirement or problem. With proper improvement and enhancing of the physical and electronic security system and equipment with obligatory maintenance and upgrading, best screening, surveillance and detection technology will be provided. AD Aerospace offers the FlightVu range of aerospace video products, including state-of-the-art video security and safety systems. Specialised detection solutions tackle the range of physical and security dangers faced by both commercial and passenger aircraft. Secure access control surveillance applications can be used alongside monitoring in the cockpit (CabinVu), passenger cabin (FlightVu Witness), external control services and cargo hold surveillance and video smoke and flame detection (CargoVu/FireVu).


NetVuObserVer video management software allows users to seamlessly view images from any NetVu Connected products such as FlightVu video servers. AD Aerospace offers the advantages of robust storage of data from multiple video streams and video analysis capabilities, which can be integrated with an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) as the preferred method of display. All AD Aerospace FlightVu video systems are designed and built using a modular, upgradeable approach, to facilitate the development of solutions to the future needs of the customer. It even allows to see people sneaking things in the likes of a baby changing bag.

Passagierflugzeug am Flugsteig eines Flughafens - Beladung mit

Airline clients include Emirates, British Airways, EasyJet, bmi, Swiss Air, Lufthansa and numerous VIP aircraft operators and military users. Major EFB manufacturers include Astronautics, Teledyne/Spirent, CMC, Boeing, ADR; server compatibility is offered with their equipment. AD Aerospace is headquartered in Cheshire and has support offices across the USA, South and Central America, India, the Middle and the Far East. It is the parent company of Innovative Sensor Developments (ISD), designer of video systems for rugged and mobile military applications. AD Aerospace is part of the AD Group, innovators in technology and video surveillance.

2.2 Aerodrome safety image

Our mission is based on the fact that everybody should be as safe and secure as possible when traveling by air. This is why our AD Aerospace provides the highest level of support for operators, as well as for passengers, crew and the whole company. Integration of high-quality analysis, wide range experience, and technical skills while using multi tools is something that doesn’t disappoint our customers or us.

One of the most important facts in air industry and business is to properly assess and deliver needed information in time to align with operating procedures. This is the best way to maximize the security of all flight operations.