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Deciding what is best in most cases feels like flipping a coin. 50% of the time you will be right and 50% you’ll be wrong. Making the best decision has to be a result of careful planning and strategic thinking. This applies to video, CCTV, and other network systems as well.


Two major groups of solutions are analog and IP. Both of these have their ups and downs, pros and cons. It is up to you to define your needs and your budget, and then the best solution will present itself. We will tell you a bit more about each of these so you can better understand in which way to think about.


Analog networks consist of analog cameras which work on traditional technology, but with some modern solutions like motion detection. Compression and digitalization take place outside of the camera itself, once the signal is transferred to specialized devices, such as a……..

The best thing about traditional analog systems is that they are easier to install and operate and are also considerably cheaper than IP.


Modern IP systems operate on fully digital cameras powered by Ethernet cables. Digitalization and compression take place inside the camera and then gets sent via cable to a switch and a network device.


These systems are faster and can provide better resolution. Also, they can be adapted to work wirelessly, making them very suitable for large compounds or factories where cable connections are not possible. These options, however, make IP systems quite expensive, when compared to analog solutions.

Our advice

The best solution for your needs will depend on how much money you want to spend, combined with what specific needs you might have. Finding the best quality/ price ratio is tricky, but with the right advice from professionals and a bit of good preparation, you will set up the best surveillance system in no time. We know how security is important to us and this is something you need to pay more attention to. Whatever you do, do not try to save money on your protection. Don’t be a cheapskate when it comes to your safety.

Melissa W. Ramos

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