Improving The Safety And Security Of Aircraft, Crew, And Passengers.


Throughout the history of the airline industry level of attacks and incidents has only become higher and still growing. Starting from issues of smuggling narcotics, immigration issues to terrorism it led to a great need of developing a wide range of high-quality security services to help protect and stop these issues.

By providing unique and world-class solutions and programs we may help our clients solve almost any aircraft security requirement or problem. With proper improvement and enhancing of the physical and electronic security system and equipment with obligatory maintenance and upgrading, best screening, surveillance and detection technology will be provided. AD Aerospace offers the FlightVu range of aerospace video products, including state-of-the-art video security and safety systems. Specialised detection solutions tackle the range of physical and security dangers faced by both commercial and passenger aircraft. Secure access control surveillance applications can be used alongside monitoring in the cockpit (CabinVu), passenger cabin (FlightVu Witness), external control services and cargo hold surveillance and video smoke and flame detection (CargoVu/FireVu).


NetVuObserVer video management software allows users to seamlessly view images from any NetVu Connected products such as FlightVu video servers. AD Aerospace offers the advantages of robust storage of data from multiple video streams and video analysis capabilities, which can be integrated with an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) as the preferred method of display. All AD Aerospace FlightVu video systems are designed and built using a modular, upgradeable approach, to facilitate the development of solutions to the future needs of the customer. It even allows to see people sneaking things in the likes of a baby changing bag.

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Airline clients include Emirates, British Airways, EasyJet, bmi, Swiss Air, Lufthansa and numerous VIP aircraft operators and military users. Major EFB manufacturers include Astronautics, Teledyne/Spirent, CMC, Boeing, ADR; server compatibility is offered with their equipment. AD Aerospace is headquartered in Cheshire and has support offices across the USA, South and Central America, India, the Middle and the Far East. It is the parent company of Innovative Sensor Developments (ISD), designer of video systems for rugged and mobile military applications. AD Aerospace is part of the AD Group, innovators in technology and video surveillance.

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Our mission is based on the fact that everybody should be as safe and secure as possible when traveling by air. This is why our AD Aerospace provides the highest level of support for operators, as well as for passengers, crew and the whole company. Integration of high-quality analysis, wide range experience, and technical skills while using multi tools is something that doesn’t disappoint our customers or us.

One of the most important facts in air industry and business is to properly assess and deliver needed information in time to align with operating procedures. This is the best way to maximize the security of all flight operations.

Melissa W. Ramos

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